HRV Apps: Elite HRV

MorningReadinessAsA10“The Heart Rate Variability app trusted by thousands . . . and it’s free!” This is an appropriate tag line for the HRV app from Elite HRV. You will get a whole lot more than you pay for in this app, so it would be righteous to get this app, use it and then join an Elite HRV “team.” That last part will cost only $5 a month and can be covered by either your team or by you. All-in-all, it’s a good value.

Warning, here comes a plug: Join the HRV Yoga Team by going on the app, clicking the people icon and searching for HRV Yoga, or send a request via the HRV Yoga Contact web page.

It’s current free price tag is no reflection on overall value of this HRV app. The Elite HRV app is slick, good looking, and offers a variety of useful options. In the ease-of-use category the Morning Readiness “tachometer” image is a favorite. Generally speaking, being in the green like the number ten image shown above is a good thing, but then it all depends on where you are in a training cycle or what it is you are trying to achieve by monitoring your heart rate variability. The Elite HRV Frequently Asked Questions page on their website explains this concept, defines many of the HRV features, and details how they determine your readings through the app.

The Elite HRV app is set up to collect nine different types of readings. They are listed by categories: Morning Readiness, General HRV Readings, Exercise HRV Readings (including pre-exercise, HRV Exercise and post-exercise), Meditations, and Additional Data entry points for adding sleep and exercise duration and quality levels. Here’s a suggestion on how to incorporate this app into a Daily Routine with HRV Yoga.