Products for HRV Yoga Practice

HRV Yoga uses chest strap-style heart rate monitors to track your heart rate, heart rate variability, and detailed HRV features. Depending on your particular HRV Yoga class, the HRV Yoga teacher may be taking multiple data points before, during or after your yoga class.

Important: Check with your HRV Yoga teacher to determine the specific equipment you will need for your HRV Yoga practice.
Heart Rate Monitors

The Polar H7 models uses Bluetooth 4.0 (Bluetooth Smart)* technology to transmit ECG-accurate heart rate readings. The signals from your heart rate strap can be transmitted automatically via Bluetooth technology without disturbing your practice. Nothing to fumble with! Put them on and start your readings. They are worn under your clothes, next to the skin.

Polar H7 Heart Rate Monitor – Black

Polar H7 Heart Monitor Strap – Blue

About Sizing: To determine the proper size, measure just under the breast area. The Medium-XXL straps adjust from 25″ to 37″. Straps are also available in size small with a somewhat smaller range of adjustment.

The Polar H6 Heart Rate Monitor is also Bluetooth enabled and is slightly less expensive than the Polar H7. Both work with smart phones and will work for HRV Yoga class. The H7 is compatible with a greater variety of workout devices that may be of interest to practitioners of other forms of fitness and tracking.

Polar H6 Heart Rate Monitor – black

Heart Rate Monitor Strap – strap only

Apps, Software and Gadgets

HRV Yoga uses smart phone apps and other software to gather, track and analyze heart rate variability data. This is a partial listing of some items you may want to consider for your HRV Yoga practice. 

Requirements: All apps shown here require a Bluetooth low energy heart rate monitor like the Polar H6 and H7 shown above. HRV Yoga students may collect their own data before, during or after HRV Yoga class using a compatible iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch.

Note: Some smart phones (other than the iPhone) may have similar apps that track and gather HRV data. Please discuss these options with your HRV Yoga teacher for guidance on the best solution for your HRV Yoga practice.

Elite HRV app


The Elite HRV captures and displays live HRV and heart rate visuals during your readings. Advanced HRV data tools that are easy to use.

SweetBeat HRV app


Sweet Beat HRV gathers and tracks HRV for monitoring stress or overall fitness. It also integrates and correlates data from other platforms like Withings and Fitbit.

HRV Bundle

HRV Bundle

This bundle includes four outstanding apps:
1. HRV4Training
2. Stressed Out
3. Heart Rate Variability Logger
4. Camera Heart Rate Variability
Purchased separately they cost $21.96. Purchased as a bundle they are a great deal. Use with a heart rate strap-style monitor or use the camera on your iPhone to take your readings. The bundle is versatile and provides complete HRV data graphically and numerically. Follow app developer Marco Altini for information on HRV research, explanations for the elements of HRV and deep dives into all things HRV.

*Other Bluetooth 4.0 (Bluetooth Smart) compatible sensors and trackers are listed on the Bluetooth website. Bluetooth Smart sensors are low energy devices that allow you to transmit your physiological data to Bluetooth Smart Ready devices like tablets and smart phones. Be sure to check with your HRV Yoga teacher regarding device compatibility for your HRV Yoga practice.