What is Big Data Yoga?

Yoga works. Let’s prove it.

Big Data Yoga is a member-based portal where members upload and compare the heart rate variability (HRV) data they collect before, during and after their HRV Yoga classes. It is also where the HRV Yoga data is explained and explored in depth. HRV Yoga practitioners may want to delve deeper into the meaning of their own data as it relates to their personal progress.

Big Data Yoga gives members special insights into their data. HRV tracking includes several pieces of data, or “features” that give a detailed picture of fitness and stress. The features that make up heart rate variability data are explored in more detail at Big Data Yoga.BigDataYogaLogoMed

Big Data Yoga members store their heart rate variability data anonymously which allows for safe and useful crowd sourced information exchange. Consider becoming a member of Big Data Yoga today.