HRV Apps: Sweet Beat

I’ve been using the heart rate variability app “Sweet Beat” with my iPhone since October 2015. The app from Sweet Water Health and at this writing is $5.99 from the app store. The app works with a variety of other platforms and devices but my focus is on using it with the iPhone and the Polar H7 heart rate monitor strap.

SweetBeatSessionTypesThe Sweet Beat app has three types of sessions, Monitor Stress, Heart Rate Recovery, and HRV For Training. As part of my Daily Routine for taking HRV readings (along with two other heart rate variability apps, Elite HRV and HRV4Training) I am using the Monitor Stress and HRV For Training sessions. Beside each session type is a handy “?” that links to a brief explanation for the purpose of each session type.

The first version was released in 2014 and suffers a bit from a simplistic, almost cheesy look and feel, but don’t be fooled by it’s humble appearance! The Sweet Beat makes up for all ills with flexibility for use in monitoring heart rate variability for both fitness and stress monitoring, and even includes tools for food sensitivity.

SweetBeatCorrelationsExampleThe Correlations feature is a wonderful snap shot tool that is easily adjusted to show whatever date range, data from readings, or data from other devices (i.e., Vital Connect, FitBit, Withings and MapMyFitness) I really like the way the Correlations feature in the Sweet Beat app lets you pull together a quick view of your outcomes.

More screen shots and data explanations from Sweet Water Health.

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